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Article Peer Review Process

Before submitting an article, please also review our journal's publication policies, publication ethics and writing rules.


1. Each submission will be reviewed by independent peer reviewers who are experts in their Fields.

2. The names of referees and article authors who evaluate the article are kept confidential (a double-blind peer-review process).

3. The article review and publication process is carried out under 4 main headings.

1.    Editorial preliminary review

2.    Appointment of field editor and invitation to referees

3.    Reviewer and field editor reviews and revisions

4.    Table, figure-picture-graphic control and layout for accepted articles

4. At the preliminary review stage, the existence and appropriateness of the mandatory documents, ethical standards, the appropriateness of the article content and the similarity rate are examined.

5. All submissions are screened by a similarity detection software (iThenticate). In the event of alleged or suspected research misconduct, e.g., plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data falsification/fabrication, the Editorial Board will follow and act in accordance with COPE guidelines. Articles with a very high similarity rate are rejected. Articles with a similarity rate close to acceptable limits (20%) and articles containing direct quotations (sentence/paragraph presence) regardless of the similarity rate are sent to the authors for revision.



6. The manuscript is checked by the field editor by sending it to appropriate and relevant referees. In case of no response from the invited referees and delay, new referee(s) are invited. In multidisciplinary studies or in the presence of undecided referee comments, the article may be sent to a third referee for review. In this process, the field editor also supervises the article as a third or fourth referee. It manages the process of making the necessary revisions by the authors according to the referee comments and suggestions.

7. When submitting a revised version of a paper, the author must submit a detailed “Response to the reviewers” that states point by point how each issue (must write in a different color) raised by the reviewers has been covered and where it can be found (each reviewer’s comment, followed by the author’s reply and line numbers where the changes have been made) as well as an annotated copy of the main document.



8. The Editorial Board may make changes and corrections on the text of the manuscript without prejudice to the scientific content of the manuscript.

9. Accepted manuscripts are copy-edited for grammar, punctuation, and format. A PDF proof of the accepted manuscript is sent to the corresponding author and their publication approval is requested within 5 days of their receipt of the proof.

10. The editorial and publication processes of the JMVI are formatted consideration with the guidelines of the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), the Council of Science Editors (CSE), the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), and National Information Standards Organization (NISO).

11. Final review of the article accepted for publication by the language editor.

12. Visual elements such as tables, figures, pictures and graphics submitted by the authors are checked for the presence of copyrightable elements. The pictures and figures are rearranged in accordance with the color themes used in the journal and published after the layout




































































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